Online Business Solutions

At CloudAstrix, we listen, plan and design a solution to improve productivity, growth, service and profit of your business. 

From our solid award winning backend to a user friendly and efficient mobile and web front end, CloudAstrix has 24 years of experience for your online business solutions. 

Flawless Collaboration

CloudAstrixs’ established and tested API system offers flowing communication between all popular platforms. From a responsive outlook to fast mobile application, our team has experienced total exposure to these functions.


Increase productivity by accessing your system 24/7/365 from your handheld.


Cloud Technology has evolved, host and link up multiple platforms and devices to it!

Developing since 1995

We’ve helped clients all over the world modernize their business. Moving alongside the latest in technology, we have managed to ensure our client are kept abreast of their competitors. Today, CloudAstrix has a wealth of knowledge unmatched by newer development teams.

Fast & Easy Work

Our developers code 24/7/365. Projects can be released sooner, go live and start earning from your investment,

Create Result

Tried and tested formulas can only achieve positive results! Easy to use GUIs, fast flowing panels and simplified access is key!


Systematic coding, clear cut API connections, innovative UI designs and responsive layout allows for multi-platforms multi-devices to connect flawslessly.


Internet at your fingertips…so run your business at your fingertips too!


Out the box solutions can be customized to suit your colours, needs and expectations.

UI Elements

Easily upgrade or change the look of the front end as you require.

Clean Code

We code systematically, so you can take over and progress by yourself if you wish to do so.


All functions are well documented by text and video.

Free Updates

Our service agreement offers free updates for your peace of mind.

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