With the advent of information technology, every walk of life has become simpler and convenient. One of the important domains where the advancement of technology has made an indelible mark is the field of telephony and long distance voice conversation. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology that allows you to call any person and receive calls from him through the internet. It is believed that Voip service is all set to take over conventional telephony as a standard in a short time. More demand for VoIP means wholesalers, resellers and service providers need Voip for Resellers accounting solution.

Next Big Technology

Still in its nascent stage, VoIP service is hailed as the next big technological revolution. The days of expensive ISD calls are now over. You can connect and communicate with people all over the world at very low rates compared to traditional telephony. The service is bought by resellers from wholesalers, and then sold to consumers and end users. Voip for Resellers requires comprehensive management and administrative software suite to look after all activities of the business.

Effective Administration and Billing

There are a number of software and modules, available on the net, those enhance and systemize your administrative ad billing procedures. You might already be using billing suits like WHMCS on your system. You can opt for add-ons and softswitches that have dedicated modules for specific tasks like customer usage and invoice management, multiple server management, authorization, authentication, etc. You would also require sound security system to prevent your network from hacking and cyber crime. The add-on modules provide security for Voip for Resellers.