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What is VoipGuard


VoIPGuard is a global VoIP Fraud combat service which installs and resides software as a service in your VoIP Server or a mirrored server. This software detects four types of hack attempts, which are setup in the service portal.


What is VoIP Fraud?


A VoIP fraudster looks for a vulnerable VoIP device by scanning the internet. Once breached, fraudster begins sending expensive calls through the exposed device to expensive routes normally known as premium numbers.


Preset a concurrency limit. Fraud alerted if the limit is reached via calls to same or similar destinations.

Country Change

Fraud detection when an IP from another country registers to the client SIP Account.

SIP Registrations

High SIP Registration attempts via Brute force attacks to crack passwords.

SIP Packet

Detection of unusually high number of SIP Packets to server.

1. Detect Hack

Once VoIPGuard has detected any of the above Hack Attempts, it communicates with the VoIPGuard server and updates the central database with the hackers IP Address.

2. Central DB Updates Firewall

The VoIPGuard Central DB in  turn communicates with the subscribers Mikrotik Firewall or the IPTables in the VoIP Server and UPDATES the firewall with the hackers IP.

3. Firewall blocks

VoIPGuard enables the VoIP server to block the perpetrator, limiting the damage

4. Global DB Update

When VoIPGuard updates the firewall, it also populates it with the bad IP list submitted by many servers (VoIPGuard Subscribers)around the world where hackers have been attempting

5. Pro-Active Block

So by the time the hacker attempting a hack in another country gets to subscribers server in his country, there is a good chance that the fraudsters IP is already listed in subscribers Firewall, so entry is not permitted

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