FreeSWITCH is a premium mode of business communication in modern day business. Whether it is a networking for calls or accounting for customers, it offers all the relevant services. It offers advanced solutions to the billing issues. It integrates the billing services. You need not define your customers in FreeSWITCH. The application recognizes the customers automatically once you define them during cyneric billing. You can also recognize the pre-paid customers with the help of this billing technique. They recognize the customers only if there is a match with the selection parameters.

Billing Made Easy

FreeSWITCH offers excellent solutions for billing. It offers help you to access unlimited number of clients for both pre and postpaid account holders. If you are facing issues with numerous cycles of billing this solutions take care of it. They can also help you to apply recurring charges on client’s accounts. You can take the help of these billing solutions to get rid of the invoice issues. You can avail the routing application with these billing solutions. You can define routing for every customer. You can define the customer access numbers, numbers for voice mail and fax. The solution is presented by providers of Voip for Resellers.

Aid of Advanced Tools

The billing solutions from Voip for Resellers service providers help you in defining termination carriers. It helps you know about ACD graphs. The billing solutions serves with calling card applications as well. You can get reports of the first user, profit and loss, etc. The VoIP Network is another arena of application. The billing solutions offer real-time monitor for traffic signals. They serve you with QoS tools that are mobile based applications. You get email and sms alerts. You also get the call shop applications. You can define cabin boot and remote login with the help of billing solutions for FreeSWITCH