VoIP services are becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. Predictions say that it will not be long before this technology takes over the entire telephony sector as a standard. VoIP service is still in its budding stages. Users and service providers, so far, had been too engrossed in its conveniences and features and ignored the threats and security issues that may present themselves with the spreading of the service. It is only now that people are concerned about its vulnerabilities as VoIP service is slowly entering the mainstream market. They are realising the significance of a tight Voip Security system.

Overview of VoIP

Voip or Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology that allows you to make calls to people all over the world using the internet as a telephony platform. A lot of benefits and advantages associated with VoIP services like high affordability, convenient and utilitarian features like voice calling and teleconferencing make these services score over conventional telephony services. However, it is also true that technology comes with a few weak spots and vulnerabilities. Voip Security systems work to do away with these weaknesses.

Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses

Conversations over the Internet using VoIP technology are not encrypted like conventional telephony services. Hence, it becomes easy for someone with access to the network to intercept the call eavesdrop or record the conversation. Your system might also be unprotected against a variety of cyber crimes carried out by smart and ingenious hackers all over the world. A potent Voip Security system might provide an all-round protection for your system.