Nowadays you get a SoftSwitch module for working in WHMCS. The main user of this solution includes the service providers for VoIP. They mainly act on a wholesale medium. They use this technology to provide VoIP services based on LCR. This technology solves the billing inconvenience for new customers under WHMCS. It helps the clients to view the call reports and maintain the VoIP network. It adds new devices within the WHMCS. Therefore, the clients using this technology can take care of their issues. This system has an appreciable reputation in the industry.

The Premium Applications

The highlighting features of the SoftSwitch module include presence of multiple resellers. You can handle multiple customers with this module. You also get multiple providers. You can exercise control over various locations with the help of this module. If you are using a single server this solution offers 2500 calls. You also get control over 10,000 calls on connected servers. The calls must be on concurrent modes. It incurs nominal cost and aids in Failover routing. You can take care of credit control with the help of this module. The best of the Voip B2b providers make sure that your solution always stays updated.

Additional Features Offered

Apart from the above features the module also offers you to manage phone and DID numbers. You can map their locations as well. You have the privilege of calling card. You have the facilities for call rating. Hence, this solution helps you in formatting reports for calls. It includes live and trunk calls as well. The module provided by Voip B2b providers is neutral for vendor. The module helps the client of VoIP to avail credit for airtime. It has a limited application for specific versions of WHMCS. It mainly supports WHMCS 5.0 and above versions.