In today’s world, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has become a growing trend. This technology enables telephony and voice calling over the internet. Though still in its early stages, it is believed that soon VoIP technology is going to become the standard mode of telephony. It is advantageous in many ways such as cost-effectiveness, convenience and other useful features. It is a good time for Internet and VoIP service providers. To provide good services, they require tested Class 4 and Class 5 Wholesale Softswitch.

Enhancement of Efficiency

A good Wholesale Softswitch helps you with efficient call management, system management, accounting, billing, reporting and monitoring of your business. You can avail web based switches that integrate with your system software and enhance its performance. These switches have bundles of modules for different aspects of the administration of your business. From customer management and authentication to security needs of your system and network, you can handle everything smoothly with the help of well-designed Softswitch.

Tools and Features

Some of the features, those these softswitches offer include easy to view dashboard that displays real-time updates, key figures and statistics and allows you to monitor the running of your system. You can manage multiple servers from a single screen location. If you are a wholesaler, you may keep a track of the activities of agents and resellers. You can provide them with self-management of account facility and reduce your own work. You can avail automated and customizable billing option for your clients in case of both pre-paid and post-paid services. You get Wholesale Softswitch for delivering trunk call service.