The use of old PTNS is replaced with the introduction of the VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol in the market. It is a new internet based telephony server service. This service helps the organizations in making calls without any interruption. However, the best part is that the cost involved in the calling process is quite less when compared with the traditional system. This technology has presented the market with cost effective communication system. There are two kinds of VOIP system that are available in the market. They are the hosted service and an on-site service. Let’s take a brief look at the working of both the systems.

The Basic Difference

The convenience of use and the price are the basic parameters on which the effectiveness of both the system types is judged. The on-site system requires the use of Hardware. The establishment and maintenance costs are involved in this system. It can prove costly in the long-run. Moreover, any problem in the hardware may cause failure of the entire system. On the other hand, the VoIP for WHMCS solution, works in a cloud-based format. Thus, the risk of system failure can be eliminated. Moreover, there is no establishment cost involved. Other than that, it doesn’t require any form of maintenance. Thus, the pricing of this solution will be low in the long run.

The Beneficial Sytem

Availing the VoIP for WHMCS solution is a profitable option. This solution helps you in streamlining of the communication system of your organization without any hassle.